Shuttleworth college(2)   My name is Carl Groombridge currently part of a proactive team teaching animal based sciences within the landbased sector and I welcome you to my website focusing on the enthusiastic interest of motivating educators to use mobile technologies within their teaching practices. This website is a sister site to the action research I had the privilege to take part in last year with Emcett focussing on the use of augmented learning and mobile technologies from a learners perspective.

The use of technology in a large variety of formats has never been greater in choice and opportunity, we pay bills with smartphones, and check profiles or blogs on them also. As the technology has advanced the need for stand alone personal computers are rapidly reducing. I encourage ‘every educator, facilitator or instructor from every discipline’ to get involved and discover for yourself real development of self motivation allowing learners to grasp and take pride in learning with the use of mobile technologies. I’m sure you will discover what a proactive difference teaching can embed when you go mobile and allow learners to self learn and take hold of challenges in groups or on a individual basis…… go on give it a go! You will be surprised how this will reform your sessions, enhancing a variety of skills and confidences to mention a few!